Advanced Energy Performance: A New Paradigm for a Changing Real Estate Market

From asset managers to corporate officers, the Advanced Energy Performance certificate program, offered by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute of Baruch College, CUNY, is designed to meet the continuing education needs of real estate professionals responsible for capital budgeting decisions. By marrying the disciplines of energy efficiency retrofits and real estate strategy, this first-of-its-kind professional program shifts the decision-making paradigm from boiler rooms to boardrooms and takes energy performance from practical to profitable.

Though overrun by aging building stock, underperforming assets and economic uncertainty, the commercial real estate sector contains opportunities for hidden value. Filling a gap in asset management education, AEP teaches real estate professionals to strategically view portfolio assets through the energy lens to unleash profitability by leveraging building upgrades and sustainability strategies.

The AEP program utilizes a flexible online learning environment to meet the schedules of busy real estate executives. The Newman Real Estate Institute and BP Lab’s established industry focus ensures a professional learning environment in an academically rigorous and collaborative setting, and access to a team of experienced real estate educators and industry experts.

Meeting the new educational needs of asset managers, AEP’s core courses cover:

  • Technology
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Finance
  • Organizational, property and project management
  • Legal & regulatory awareness
  • Energy asset management

The AEP certificate signifies mastery of the knowledge and skillsets needed to unlock the keys to valuation, competitiveness, and socially conscious viability for long-term success in today’s rapidly evolving real estate market.

Putting Energy Decision-Making in the Hands of Decision-Makers

When asked to identify decision-makers for energy efficiency projects, the majority of real estate organizations point to engineering technicians and operations staff. By applying real estate strategy and financial analysis to the decision-making process, AEP creates a new paradigm that elevates critical capital decisions from the boiler room to the boardroom and empowers asset managers to unlock portfolio potential through strategic energy efficiency retrofits.

We call this new paradigm Energy Asset Management, and define it as: Increasing commercial property energy efficiency for the benefit of the real estate industry.