The AEP Certificate Program

AEP offers an academically rigorous curriculum based on extensive nationwide market research, which brings together regional disparities in knowledge and incentives and develops a national standard for advanced asset management. All three courses as listed below must be completed to be eligible for the Certificate.

Course 1 Energy Technologies and Real Estate Strategy

Students will learn how to frame the value and benefits of energy efficiency improvements in the context of a property or portfolio asset strategy, whether a one-off project or part of a comprehensive energy audit. Subject areas include real estate cash flow, valuation and asset strategies; energy efficiency improvement methodologies and upgrades; and the purposes, process and structure of an energy audit.

Course 2 Energy Project Finance and Contracts

Using industry-standard financial analysis methods, students will gain the knowledge necessary to evaluate energy efficiency improvements, identify financing and incentive opportunities, and balance tenants’ needs while maximizing benefits to owners. Subject areas include quantification and measurement of energy cost savings; simple payback and life-cycle costing analysis; the split incentive and the energy-aligned lease; project and equipment finance; and performance contracts.

Course 3 Energy Change Leadership and Performance Assurance

This course focuses on identifying performance targets and establishing critical measurement and verification systems for energy improvements, using tools such as energy budgets and key performance indicators, and referencing leading-edge ISO standards, ISO 50001 and the new ISO 55000. The program concludes with an Integrated Skills Project that involves the creation of a real-world energy asset management plan, as a valuable exercise in developing a key component of long-term energy savings.



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